Hello, my name is Olli Koskelainen and I am a 3D Artist primarily focused on weapons and vehicles.

I am currently living in Frankfurt, where I work as a Weapons Artist for Cloud Imperium Games.

Being a self-taught 3D Artist, I am resourceful, capable of managing my productivity, and above all else I have a great passion for my work which continues to fuel me to this day.

You can contact me via E-mail at:

Software Experience:

3DS Max

this is my favorite
Substance Painter

Substance Designer

Marmoset Toolbag

Quixel Suite


Unreal Engine 3 & 4

CryEngine 2

Unity 5

Employment History:

Ironbelly Studios Inc. | Hard Surface 3D Artist

April 2015 - Current

  • Modeling and texturing first person weapons for Unreal Engine and Unity marketplaces.
  • Modeling and Texturing vehicles.
  • Creating environmental props and scenes.
  • Optimizing and improving on existing assets.
  • Providing feedback and estimates on multiple different projects.
  • Creating documentation for workflows, estimates and feedback.
  • Briefing new artists on project guidelines and budgets.
  • Overseeing that quality standards are met and art direction is followed.
  • Cleaning up and optimizing CAD files in to game-ready assets.
  • Athos Consulting Inc. | Autodesk Stingray Vehicle Demo

    March 2014 - May 2014

  • Modeling and texturing trees and grass
  • Asset setup in Bitsquid engine
  • Shapefarm AB | Devil's Third

    May 2013 - December 2013

  • Modeling and texturing trees, bushes, grass and other vegetation.
  • Modeling and texturing environmental props and vehicles
  • Creating assets to specifications from client
  • Setting up the assets in Unreal Engine 3